About Roundpeg

Roundpeg is a full service marketing firm, serving the Indianapolis small business community, we create affordable websites, press releases, newsletters and brochures to help you launch your ideas and most importantly, close sales!

Founded by Lorraine Ball, The team at Roundpeg helps small business owners become big business owners.

About Lorraine: She  spent twenty years in corporate America, before coming to her senses.  Frustrated by the resistance to change, indecision, and lack of entrepreneurial spirit as she  climbed the corporate ladder, she  gave up the fancy VP office, huge staff, and big budget.

Today, you can find her  at Roundpeg, a small marketing firm, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Along with an extraordinarily talented team, which includes Bonnie the dog and Clyde the cat, she  share what she knows about marketing.

Passionate about helping to build a vibrant local economy, Lorraine is active in the local Indianapolis business community, she is the former President of the Network of Women in Business and Rainmakers and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Hamilton County Business Alliance Entrepreneurship Advancement Center and the press secretary for Smaller Indiana.

To learn more follow her on Twitter @roundpeg or check our her new Podcast: More than a Few Words as she interviews other small business advisors!

And if you have come here by mistake, and are really looking for Roundpeg Adobe Training – check out their blog at www.roundpeginc.com or their website at www.roundpeg.com


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