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Indiana is Tax Friendly for Small Business

In this week’s IBJ there is a summary of a report from the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation which said there are only 11 states which take a smaller share from businesses for Taxes than Indiana. In its “2007 State Business Tax Climate Index” report released Oct. 11, the Tax Foundation ranked Indiana 12th overall in the nation for its business tax climate.

“Labor and capital are more mobile than ever,” said Chris Atkins, co-author of the Tax Foundation’s report. “In the global competition for jobs, no state can afford to be saddled with a tax system that unduly punishes new business investment.”

This is good news for the Indiana economy! While some of our neighbors, particularly Ohio have raised taxes, or business friendly tax base makes it easier for small companies, to start, thrive and grow!


Looking to Make Business Connections?

Looking to grow your business – Get out of the chair and away from the computer and start meeting people. While software programs like Linked-in promise to help you make great business connections, there is no real replacement for face-to-face connections.
Not sure where to go?
Sign up for Business Notes from Roundpeg for a listing of the best networking events for small business owners. The next issue will be distriubted on Tuesday, so sign up today! Then get out and make some friends!

Need a little help getting started? Consider signing up for Fishing Lessons a lively two hour workshop delivered by local networking experts, Lorraine Ball and Pat Milner – Thursday, November 30th.

Donna Batten to Discuss Web Optimization for Small Business Owners

If you are a woman business owner, the Network of Women in Business – Entrepreneur Special Interest Group offers monthly conversations relevant to you! This month, Donna Batten will discuss Web Strategies for Small Business Owners.

Thursday, November 2nd from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
The event will be held at the LePeep Restaurant at Keystone Crossing, 8487 Union Chapel Road.


Hartman Inventory Expands Focus

Avon based Hartman Home Inventory, Inc. announced today they are now operating as Hartman Inventory, Inc. The new name was selected to reflect the growth and full service of the business.

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Pod Casts – Everybody is Doing Them

In our Fast-Paced Society, no one has time to read anymore. Pod casts offer ideas on the go for the busy entrepreneur.
Here are links to just a few I have found with great ideas local and around the world

Looking to tap in to a variety of pod casts?

Check out

New Carmel Newspaper is a Sign of Growth.

More and more Carmel is becoming a rich, vibrant city on it’s own. The latest sign of it’s maturity is the new Current in Carmel weekly newspaper. I hope the publication is very successful, because there is certainly a need for more, diverse sources of information in the community.

IU Announces Winners of Entrepreneurial Awards of Distinction

We have some amazing companies that started right here in Indiana! Last night 24 of them were recognized for their achievements from the Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business as whiners of the Entrepreneurial Awards of Distinction. The companies were honored in several categories that looked at growth, risk-taking and innovation.
More than 140 companies submitted applications, which says there is a lot of interesting innovation going on in this community! Congratulations to the winners, finalists and all applicants!