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Marketing Pros are Key to Entrepreneur’s Growth

Even though the article features two of my competitors, I still recommend reading the article in this morning’s Star which include five tips for hiring a marketing consultant.


Karen Valencic on Getting Unwired

Local consultant, Karen Valencic introduced some interesting thoughts in her email this morning I thought were worth sharing.

“Mom, what do I do? My cell phone isn’t working and I’ve got to drive all the way home.”I laughed to myself at the seriousness of my daughter’s question. Then, calmly assured her the car would operate just fine (likely better) without her phone.

As a culture it seems we are almost addicted to being ‘wired’ and accessible. I recently forgot my Blackberry on a three hour road trip. Initially, I felt anxious to ‘just be driving.’ Then, I made a conscious decision to make it a mini vacation from the world. It was just me and the road – not even the radio.

Accessibility is often a double edge sword. It makes us accessible to others, while often making us inaccessible to ourselves and those physically present with us. I notice how divided my focus is when my portable communication is turned on and with me.

The time ‘unwired’ was truly a gift. I had uninterrupted time to think which generated some creative ideas. I felt very focused and centered by the time I arrived back to my office. An element of the Spiral Impact process is renewal. Renewal is taking a break from how we ordinarily fill our time. What is your plan for renewal today? How do you “unwire?”

There is no time for Negative Energy

Kevin Eikenberry’s column this morning is the perfect way to start a Monday. Pushing away the negative energy that can invade the workplace.

Even if you work by yourself, stop and think about who you surround yourself with. Do you have peers and associates who bring you down or rev you up? The choice is yours!

"Symposium for Women Entrepreneurs: Achievement and Tenacity"

The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business will host the first “Symposium for Women Entrepreneurs: Achievement and Tenacity” (SWEAT) on Oct. 6.

Running behind Purdue the last few years, it is exciting to see IU step up to focus more energy in the Entrepreneurial community. With guest speakers, Pat Miller and Joan Gillman as well as a panel of extraordinary women entrepreneurs, this looks like a terrific program.

Change is Like Riding a Bicycle.

As we launched Rainmakers Downtown, Chairman Paul Sylvester challenged us to embrace change. Along that line, consider the follow:
Successful companies know change is a necessity. The challenge is continually encouraging, creating, and implementing worthwhile changes to make a difference for the business. Learning to accept and embrace change, is like learning to ride a bicycle.

Start with Excitement and Encourage Along the Way – Young children can hardly wait for their first Hot Wheels or tricycle. Their expectation is palpable. They want to ride, ride, and ride some more. You must generate the same level of electricity regarding change. Talk about changes, and the vision of what you and your business will be like after the change. Surround yourself with others who will keep you excited about the benefits of change, encouraging you when you fall off, to get back on and keep riding in the direction of change.

Make it Second Nature – Businesses cannot be pleased with only one change, however great it is. After your first small change, cultivate your adventurous spirit to develop ongoing, beneficial changes and implement them successfully to make long-term differences. And remember, once you know how to ride a bike, you won’t forget. The same is true for businesses. Once you imbed the change-is-a-part-of-normal- business mindset, you will have the passion for change. Only it won’t be change any longer. It will be business as normal, very successful business as normal.

Good Business is Built on Good Information

Fred Bingle and Roland Bydlon have a good summary of how to conduct research to insure a successful launch in this morning’s Inside Indiana Business.

Even the smallest start-up should do some type of research. If you are not ready for the big investment, consider a do-it-yourself tool like or secondary research from the library on-line database to help clarify your market.

What Are You Doing Tuesday Morning?

If you are looking for a new business building opportunity, join other business professionals for the launch of a new Rainmaker Chapter. Making its first morning appearance in Downtown, Rainmakers is Indy’s fastest growing business association.

If you have never attended an event, find out what makes this group so special. 7:30 am at the Ram Restaurant, Tuesday, September 19th.

For more information go to