Auto Makers Good and Bad News

Just as we are still celebrating the announcement of the Honda plant coming to Indiana, we learn of troubles at GM. The corporate merger could mean more downsizing and layoffs here in Indiana.

The solution? While the big plants are important, we need to move beyond and grow more of our own, locally based, smaller businesses. No single entrepreneur will hire 1,800 people any time soon, but 800 – 900 companies each hiring 1 – 2 employees in the next year could.

With more than 65,000 companies with sales under a $million, there are plenty of companies to choose from. It is time we started paying attention to these smaller firms, creating tax incentives and opportunities for them!

If we grew our entrepreneurial base, we would be less dependent on the whim of large corporations. I am not saying we don’t want the Honda plant, we do, but we want more! And the more will come from smaller companies in our community.


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