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Anderson, Someone Has Moved Your Cheese!

I just finished rereading “Who Moved My Cheese” a charming little book by Spencer Johnson that looks at peoples resistance to change. As I read today’s news I couldn’t help but think that the entire city of Anderson, beginning with their community leaders need to read the book.

For the first time in a decade, the city has actually grown jobs, but the concern with the coming plant closings that the growth trend won’t continue. Wake up and smell the coffee ( or as Johnson would say, the cheese) The future of Anderson does not lie in manufacturing plants. Any hope for survival and growth will come from continuing to expand their entrepreneur centers!

Lorraine Ball, Roundpeg


Auto Makers Good and Bad News

Just as we are still celebrating the announcement of the Honda plant coming to Indiana, we learn of troubles at GM. The corporate merger could mean more downsizing and layoffs here in Indiana.

The solution? While the big plants are important, we need to move beyond and grow more of our own, locally based, smaller businesses. No single entrepreneur will hire 1,800 people any time soon, but 800 – 900 companies each hiring 1 – 2 employees in the next year could.

With more than 65,000 companies with sales under a $million, there are plenty of companies to choose from. It is time we started paying attention to these smaller firms, creating tax incentives and opportunities for them!

If we grew our entrepreneurial base, we would be less dependent on the whim of large corporations. I am not saying we don’t want the Honda plant, we do, but we want more! And the more will come from smaller companies in our community.

Finding Money

When it comes to raising money to start a new venture or build an emerging business, Michael Lechter says that entrepreneurs can be anything but entrepreneurial in their thinking.

When additional resources are necessary to take the next step in the business plan, the typical entrepreneur tends to begin thinking about “raising capital” in the most conventional of terms. In his article on he describes other options that may be far more available and sometimes much less costly.

Rule of 150

Just finished re-reading the Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell which is an amazing look at how to create a social epidemic. It begins with three types of people: Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. Ultimately you need to have the support of these three groups of people to bring your ideas to the market place.

Where do you meet them?? Start networking, Rainmakers, the Chambers, Network of Women in Business can be a starting point for your own social epidemic.

Racing and Revenue

Many of you may not know this about me, but I am a race fan. I love the sound of the engines, the excitement and energy, and the opporunity racing brings to businesses of all sizes in our community.

That being said, I am sure we can find something else to do in July if F-1 pulls out. The tone of the interview with F-1 head Bernie Ecclestone tells me, that maybe it will be ok if they don’t come back. With lots of other things to do 4th of July weekend, you won’t find me at the track this year.

Where to Make Business Connections

Looking to grow your business – Get out of the chair and away from the computer and start meeting people. While software programs like Linked-in promise to help you make great business connections, there is no real replacement for face-to-face connections.

Not sure where to go? Sign up for Business Notes from Roundpeg for a listing of the best networking events for small business owners. Then get out and make some friends!

Need a little help getting started? Consider signing up for Fishing Lessons a lively two hour workshop delivered by local networking experts, Lorraine Ball and Pat Milner.

Indy in Top 5 of Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs

Looking to start a business, look to Indianapolis. Ranked #5 overall by the rest of the country is stating to discover what we already know – Indy is a great place to start a business.

With local support from the SBDC, NSIB, Women’s Center and a variety of business networking and development groups, local entrepreneurs can tap in to a wide variety of resources.

What are your favorites?